Saturday, January 3, 2015

introducing my 2015 planners...

one of my favorite things about a new year is a new planner...  it is almost like the first day of school when i was a kid...  i have always been a stationary lover... some things never change...  lately i have been having a hard time trying to decide what planner i am going to use...  i am in love with 3 planners right now...  what is a girl todo?  

                            my 2015 planners

the first planner that i will be using is my erin condren life planner...  i have been using this planner since august...  it is a good fit for all of the activities that my family has...   

                               erin condren life planner

next is my full-size midori traveler's notebook...  i have my 2015 diyfish day-on-one-page inserts in here...  

                                                midori traveler's notebook

last but not least is the newest addition to my planner family...  i'd like to introduce my field notes sized chic sparrow traveler's notebook or aka my jendori.  i am really loving the smaller size and the yellow paper house inserts that i have purchased for this planner...

                                                                 chic sparrow

i will be writing a detailed post for each  planner shown above...i will also be filming a setup video for each planner that i will be posting to youtube...  so be on the lookout for these up coming posts and videos...  until the next time...

leslie :-)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wow! It has been a while!! Welcome 2015

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!!  where is the time going??  2015! ALREADY!!  I also can not believe that I haven't posted on here is 6 months!!  that is crazy!!  I knew it had been a while, but I didn't think it was THAT long...  as I was sitting down to write out my usual new year's resolutions (this year I am calling them GOALS),  I really thought about what was important to me and what I wanted to make a priority this year...  planning has always been a major part in my life...  I have had a planner since I was in elementary school...  I just love to write lists down of any kind...  I have tried to use technology to replace my paper planners, but it just never worked for me... I NEED to write it down...  I have discovered an amazing group of people who share this same love for paper planning... I have truly found it to be a gift...  I love finding inspiration from all of these amazing people I have stumbled across on Instagram and YouTube...  I want to make this a bigger part of my life...  with that being said, one of my goals for 2015 is to blog on a regular basis and post some videos on YouTube more often...  I really enjoy it...  I will be sharing what planning system that I will be using in 2015 in the VERY near future...  look for a post and video soon!!  enjoy your celebrations!!!

leslie :-)