Monday, April 28, 2014

Filofax & MTN wrap up - week 17

hey everyone - i hope everyone is liking the new layout and design on our blog... my daughter picked it out from an etsy shop called DREAMLIKE MAGIC...  They had the cutest designs...  This was lizzy's favorite one...  she is very into aqua right now and I did not want anything too busy... this was a perfect fit... one of my goals for this year, is to post consistently on our blog and our other social media accounts...  last week went well, so let's see if I can keep this up...  

we had a relatively quiet weekend as far as sports were concerned... only 3 games...  it was a nice change for us...  i was able to get some chores done that normally have to wait until the week...  now onto the good stuff... my filo and MTN...

                       my A5 finsbury

i have to say that i really enjoyed using my a5 again... i didn't realize how much I missed her...  

          weekly layout & weekly chart

                     monday view

           tuesday & wednesday view

                 thursday & friday view

                saturday & sunday view

now i am onto my diyfish inserts for my midori traveler's notebook...  i can not say enough how much i love these inserts...  they are fantastic...  the layout is great...

              weekly view in my MTN 

i hope that everyone has a great week... finally the weather is starting to feel a bit like spring around here... yay!!!

leslie 😄

Friday, April 25, 2014

diyfish inserts for my midori traveler's notebook

today I went to staples to print out my diyfish inserts for my midori traveler's notebook... i am a HUGE fan of fish's inserts... i use them in my filofax and now in my midori... i just love the layout... i use my inserts to keep track of all my social media information... i will be going over exactly HOW i use them...

now back to the inserts... i ordered them off of diyfish's etsy shop... she has a tremendous selection of inserts... i purchased the inserts for midori traveler's notebook in regular size... i also selected the inserts for may - august... they print out 4 months per notebook... when you purchase the inserts, you will receive 3 files to download... The first 2 files you will receive will be the inserts - one in A4 paper size and one in letter size... the last file contains printing instructions...

once you download the files, it is time to print them out... i do not have the best printer... so i had my inserts printed out at staples...  it cost me $3.49 to print out the whole set on letter sized paper...  the one suggestion that i have for printing out the inserts at staples...  you should print them out head to toe... otherwise, they will not print correctly... 

after printing the next step is to fold them... i first try and fold them in half and flip through, so i have an idea of how they will go together in the notebook... i use my scor-buddy for this step...

                                            folding my inserts

the inserts are marked with a marks that you use to guide your scoring...  i scor the pages in sections... once i am done scoring all the pages, i begin to bind the notebook...

there are several different techniques that you can use to bind your notebooks... i opt for the easiest one, which is to staple it... this is another step that i do at staples, because they have a long reaching stapler that i use... the other item you will need at this point is a file folder...i use a plain-colored one... i line the the scored part of the inserts with the fold portion of the folder...  then I begin to staple... 

                                       binding the notebook

i attached the notebook together in 3 places... on the outer sides and once in the middle...  i also staple on the outside of the notbook...  be sure to place your staples INSIDE of the cutting area... now for the cutting... this, for me, is the hardest part...

                                      cutting the notebook

you need to be very careful when cutting the inserts... i cut my finger this time... so, back to staples i went and had them trim it for me...  you can use a paper trimmer or a craft knife, ruler and cutting mat... either way will work, so do what you feel more comfortable with... here is the final result...


                                          inside notebook

i hope you enjoyed this post and decide to try these inserts...  til next time...

leslie :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 16 - Wrap up

This was one crazy week!!  my kids were on vacation from school this week and I was running all over the place with them... I also had Easter dinner at my house for about 20 people... so there was a lot of cooking and cleaning going
on... there was some major planning going on at the beginning of the week, but then I just fell off the planning wagon...  i did learn that if I have a lot going on, the one thing that I can not let slip is my planning... without it I did miss some items that we needed...  let's see if i learn from this... so enough of that... now into my planner pages...  first up my Diyfish personal size inserts for my Malden...

       Weekly planner and weekly chart

                       Monday view

        Tuesday and Wednesday views

             Thursday and Friday views

           Saturday and Sunday views

As you can see, Saturday and Sunday are looking pretty bare...  
now onto my midori traveler's notebook weekly view for week#16

                 MTN week16 view

I also decided this week that I missed using my A5 finsbury... so I pulled her jot and decorated her...  here is what she looked like at the end of the week...

              A5 Filofax weekly setup 
that is all for week #16...  very happy to have my kids back at school and some
time to finally write this post... until next time...

Leslie :-)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 13 Wrap Up for my Filofax & Midori

Hey everyone... This has been one crazy week...  My kids sports have started in full force and I am all over the place... I am finally getting a chance to blog about my completed week 13 in my Filofax and my Midori.   Here we go:  

a view of my weekly view, my project life section, meal planning and my weekly chart. 

This is the view of Monday:

This is the view of Tuesday & Wednesday:

This is the view of Thursday & Friday:

This is the view of Saturday & Sunday:


Now for a look at my completed week of my Diyfish inserts  in my Midori Traveler's Notebook:

One thing that I really love about the Diyfish inserts, is that I can always see my weekly view and my monthly view (which you can't see in the pictures). 

Well, I hope everyone has a great ending to their week.  Hopefully, I will be able to get my weekly post up sooner than Friday next week!!  Here's to hoping.,,

Leslie :-)