Monday, July 8, 2013

my latest edition to my growing filofax family...

hey everyone... it has been a while since I blogged on here... this is the busiest time for my family... my 2 sons play on travel lacrosse teams and when I say travel, I mean travel... we will be in 3 different states every weekend...  my daughter is in lacrosse camp for the month of july... she is also camping with her girl scout troop in july as well...  all I can say is, thank goodness for my Filofax!!!  I would not know if I was coming or going without it...

this weekend (in between lacrosse games) I managed to find a store about 40 mins away from me that carries Filofaxes...  I called ahead to see what personal filo's they happened to have in stock.  she said a black and a purple-pink one... I asked to hold the purple-pink one and rushed there not caring what type of filo that it was...  when I arrived at the writing place (which is the name of the store)  I was super excited to see that the purple-pink filo was actually a raspberry metropol!!!  just the day before I was searching the internet for that same Filofax...  the Filofax Gods were smiling down on us, because we also found a pocket-size mode for my daughter...  it was aqua and raspberry and the cutest little filo I had ever seen!   we walked out of there with 2 filos that cost $70 usd...  this was one of the best days Filofax shopping that we have had!!!   we will be posting reviews of the latest editions to our growing collection.... here is a little sneak peek at them!!! 

see you soon!!! 

leslie :-)

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