Monday, May 5, 2014

Filofax & MTN wrap up - week 18

 hey everyone... i hope the warm weather is finally reaching your area...  it was in the 60's here this past week... it was wonderful!!!  I have had enough of the cold, windy weather that seems to have been around forever!!  

now onto the planner front... on wednesday, I switched back into to my black patent personal original filofax...  i purchased a new little coach bag that I will be using as a wallet, so I thought it was the perfect time to pull out the original... i love the original, but i have a difficult time using it as a wallet... that is where my malden comes in...  i love to use it as a wallet...  i am thinking of switching planners at the beginning of each month... let's see if i remember this at the beginning of june...  

it really felt like this week flew by...  it just seems like I was writing about my week 17 wrap up... here are my photos for week 17 in my filofax...

                  a5 week on 2 pages 

this was a weird week in my diyfish inserts... april ended on wednesday, so 1/2 the week was in april and the other half in may... i left the pages in their monthly sections and just carried my appointments over to the monthly calendar... here is the weekly chart from the first half of the week...

        weekly view - first half of week

    weekly view & weekly chart - second 
                         half of week

                   monday view

           tuesday & wednesday view

                     thursday view

                 friday & saturday view

                      sunday view

now here is a look at my week in my MTN...

i hope everyone enjoys the warmer weather...  i'll be back soon...

leslie :-)

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