Sunday, August 11, 2013

filofax - week 32 completed

hey everyone - i'm trying to get into a groove and set up some sort of blogging schedule... I would like to have some sort of rhyme and reason for my posting...  I thought I would start this week... I am looking to have a look at the week once they are completed... a look at how I am setting up and decorating for the next week...  then I would like to do a post about my current set up or some other Filofax - related post...  I might be adding a project life post in there as well...  i'm still thinking that over...

so let's get on with my completed week...right now, I am using 3, yes 3, Filofaxes...  I am trying to see which ones are going to work better for me...  I have my original A5 in patent purple, my personal sized malden in purple and a pocket malden in black...  for now I switched from using my mini chameleon as a wallet to my pocket malden...  it has only been for a week, so i'm not sure if I will continue to use it as a wallet or not...  now that I covered all that ;-),  here are my weeks:

First up is my A5 original in patent purple:

I like how much information I can store on the A5 week-on-2-pages.   Next is my personal malden in purple...

I can still have a good amount of information on this layout...  finally, I will show my completed pocket-sized black malden...

so there you have it... all 3 of my nice and full weeks...  I am going to be back tomorrow with my weekly decoration for the upcoming week...  have a great day!!!

leslie :-)

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