Thursday, August 15, 2013

what is a girl to do?? a filofax dilemma

I have a bit of a dilemma... I say this is all seriousness...  since the end of may, I have been obsessed with buying Filofaxes...I started with a pocket and quickly upgraded to a personal size...  my obsession did not stop there with one pocket and one personal... I had to buy multiples of each...  then I branched out and purchased a mini that I was going to use as my wallet...  I also fell in love with the original style Filofaxes...  the only draw back to the original in personal was a very short strap to close the Filofax and I need the longest strap possible  (I love to STUFF my Filofaxes)... then I had my light bulb moment!!  Why not get the original in A5 size??  that was the answer to my "original" dilemma... which brings me back to the whole point of this blog post....

 my current Filofaxes
I am currently using 3 Filofaxes... they are my personal purple malden, my A5 patent purple original, and last but not least, my pocket black malden...  I want to just say that I LOVE all THREE of these Filofaxes, which brings me to my dilemma... can I actually USE all 3 of them on a daily basis?... 
I use my pocket as a wallet...  I keep the diary updated with all my appointments and basic information, but I do need to sync up every night with the others...  now let's discuss the personal and A5 situation...  I am using them in the same way...  they both have the same information...  I like the size of the A5, but it is not portable...  the personal is portable, but I already have my pocket with me, which means I am now carrying 2 filos with me...  I would remove the pocket from the situation, but I think the personal is too big to use as a wallet...   Can you see my problem???  I am searching high and low for an answer...  if you have a suggestion that would help me out, I would love to hear it...please tell me what it is!!!  I am begging!!!  Hopefully, by the next time I post, I will have some sort of solution to this dilemma. 


  1. Hey Leslie! I use the personal as a wallet and it works great! I have a purple Malden and an orange Osterley that I switch back and forth with. The Malden especially works well - I travel often and it's just ideal. Also when making appointments (hair salon for instance), it's easy to whip it out and write the date and pay at the same time. I keep thinking I'll try the pocket (I have a pocket chameleon I got on sale) but I can never actually do it!

  2. I got sweaty palms just reading this and had to run over to my FF SHELF (doesn't everyone have a shelf of Filofaxes...gah!?) and decide which one to put on the nightstand so that I could adore it, write into it, fancy it up some more (ya know before I go to sleep)and finally make a note in my sleep to move everything around again, and again.
    Life is complicated and I hope you get a real answer because I'm losing hours out of my day over this multiple Ff fixation I have...and I'm with great company too! Happy Decision Making!

  3. Well... I certainly don't have a shelf full at this point, but I do have my first filofax, a pocket sized filofax, with the intention of using it as a wallet AND a planner, if necessary... Like if I run into a friend at the grocery store, and she says "let's get together for coffee on 23rd", then I'll just write it in the pocket, and transfer it later to (like Patricia says) the larger whatever-sized one on the nightstand... I'm just a rookie though, and I have to admit I'll have to see if this really will work or not, but that's what I'm hoping!... Curious to see what you'll decide though! ~tina

  4. I'm a new Filofaxer. My first one was the Deep Pink Pocket size Domino, of which I wanted to use as a wallet. But then I saw, the personal Deep Pink Domino on sale had to purchase it. I don't have the answer, I'm having the same dilemma. I love both of them. My pocket is named Desires and the personal is named Sincere. I need a bigger purse LOL! Vickie

  5. OMG, this is such a good post. If only there was an answer... I have two A5's one is my Spiritual Journal, the other one is my "personal" Craft binder, my personal is my "personal/wallet" I keep all my appointments etc, and I have a DayRunner as my Fitness/Health journal. I wish I could keep them all in the same journal BUT there is no way to do that. It is hard to not have them all. I LOVE them all! I would like to carrie my A5 but as so many has already said it is really BIG but the Finsbury is SO cute,