Thursday, June 27, 2013

my color coding system for my filofax - part 2

hey everyone... back with part 2 of my color coding system...  sorry i'm posting this so late today, but I spent the day at the beach with my kids... it was a gorgeous day and they had so much fun... now onto my monthly calendar...

for the monthly calendar, I list the appointment in the color that I use for that person... for example, all of my appointments will be listed in purple using my frixion pens... my daughter will be listed in the pink frixion pen and so on...  I do not use my market dots on the monthly calendars, just the daily one...  just in case I didn't mention it anywhere else, I am using franklin covey month on 2 pages insert in original, compact size... that is all for today...  please leave a comment if there are any topics you would like to see us cover... see you soon!!

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