Sunday, June 23, 2013

setting up for week #26

hey everyone... I thought I would take you through my process a little bit... this is a very broad overview of what I do... first thing that I do is gather all of the supplies that i plan on using for this week...

the next step is to remove all of the notes on the flyleaf from the previous week and stick them to that weeks pages... then I remove the sheets for the upcoming week...

i then get out my muji stamp... i have to say that this so far has been the BEST purchase that i have made... don't get me wrong,  i love my love all my post-its, tabs, stickers, pens, & washi, but this helps me the most... i love to have a list of things that i need to accomplish for that day...  i was just drawing check boxes and writing my tasks down... it looked very messy... this was the answer that i was looking for... i saw a post from jen at where she used this stamp... i ordered it right on the spot...  if you are a list maker, you should look into this little stamp...  check it out here

i then use a memento dew drop ink pad in grey flannel to stamp each day of the week... i do not stamp a checklist for sunday, because the monthly calendar is listed there...  i then add any tabs stickers or appointments onto the pages and add them back into my binder...   here is what a new week looks like...

there is a video of this process on you tube...  visit our channel there teamfilofax719...  i hope you enjoy!!!  see you soon!!

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